Providing Exceptional Hosiery for Clothing Businesses

Since 1939, Surratt Hosiery Mill, INC in Denton, NC has been committed to manufacturing the highest-quality, American-made hosiery products.

Our “know-how” covers more than 81 years of experience and knowledge that we have gained from time-honored traditions. These include observational skills like stopping, looking, and listening, combined with information, insight, and wisdom.

What We Do

We devote our energy to determining pivotal business strategies. We analyzes the foundation of the company’s contributions and employs critical and creative thinking and questioning to improve our marketing and product delivery management.

Our Services

We offer:

  • Full Dyehouse Capabilities
  • Creating Pattern/Ingrained Socks
  • Dropshipping
  • Private Label Manufacturing

What Sets Us Apart

At Surratt Hosiery Mill, INC, we have a reputation for creating quality hosiery that changes with current and potential client trends. We stand out among our competitors and maintain our value and place in the market because of our:

  • Collaboration With Vital Business Colleagues
  • Interest-Building Strategies
  • Innovative Product Insights
  • Marketing and Sales Approaches

Additionally, we take pride in being a storehouse of business resources.

Are you interested in our products? Drop us a line today for inquiries.