Established in 1939: Leading Hosiery Manufacturer for Decades

Discover Surratt Hosiery Mill: Premier Hosiery Manufacturer in Denton, NC. Founded by Herbert Surratt in 1939, a Legacy Carried Forward by Eric Surratt. Leverage 84 Years of Expertise for Finest American-Made Hosiery Globally.

How We Started

Herbert's Journey: From a Single Knitting Machine to Global Sock Manufacturing Success
Starting with just one knitting machine, Herbert efficiently crafted around 60 pairs of socks daily. In a year, fueled by high demand for his superior products, he expanded to a new facility, managing 13 machines.

The surge in demand persisted, leading Herbert to relocate to a larger facility by 1946. With hundred's of machines operated by skilled employees, Surratt Hosiery Mill, INC became a global leader, shipping high-quality hosiery worldwide